25 July 2013

Time to help: The greatest backyard cricket game committed to film...

Here at The Baggy Green Blog, while our readership isn't massive and we haven't changed the face of the world (or Australian cricket), we do what we can to raise awareness for organisations and projects that are related to the great game.

Recently I was contacted by Dan Pollard, the writer for an upcoming Australian film called The Streak. The film was selected by QPIX to be filmed, along with a few other productions. However, implications came about with State Government funding cuts and QPIX pulled out of the project.

The Streak plot outline: "The Streak tells the story of a young man who attempts to honour the memory of his dead father – and get the upper hand in an inter-generational family grudge - by ending his obnoxious uncle’s streak of backyard cricket games without being dismissed. It's a darkly funny look at a quintessentially Australian family seen through a very Aussie tradition - a Christmas Day game of backyard cricket."

This brings me to the point where you could potentially help. Awareness, awareness, awareness. If you are passionate about the Australian film industry, all the crew involved with The Streak still wish to film this movie but require donations in order to get the camera rolling.

Here's some of the online places you can find out more information about The Streak:

Website: http://thestreak.net/site/ (all the film information you need to find out about)
: https://www.facebook.com/TheStreakQPIXFilm (get sharing!)
Donations site: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-streak

Hopefully with the awareness being raised through online media channels this film can see the light of day and be another title to add to Australia's collection of modern day classics. Good luck to the crew at The Streak!

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