30 December 2013

Competition giveaway coming in 2014!

To celebrate the New Year and an Ashes series victory, competition time for 2014 is just around the corner for all of you loyal followers of the Baggy Green Supporters Blog, courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment.

It will be a DVD giveaway and more details will be presented in the next 48 hours - all goes according to plan.

Competition one will involve Australia Day (26 January - 5th ODI versus England), and the second will involve some guess work and predictions for the Carlton home ODI series versus England.

*Note: Due to postage costs I may have to make the competition for Australian and New Zealand based followers only, but I will see what I can do.

Please stay tuned! Have a great and safe New Years Eve party everyone. I will be at the Adelaide Oval watching the Adelaide Strikers hopefully take down the Perth Scorchers.

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Phillip T said...

Are you back from The Adelaide Oval yet or did you get lost on the way? :)

Ian said...

Wish I could just veg there for hours on end. Heading back there this Wednesday for the Strikers final Big Bash game.