29 September 2013

Cricket season is back!

Indeed cricket season is back, that is of course if you reside in the Southern Hemisphere. Yes, the Grand Final is done, Rugby Union keeps ticking along, and Australian State Cricket has commenced with the Ryobi Cup. It's a great feeling and great so many Australian international players are in the squad line-ups.

Frustratingly if you love live cricket, as I do, and don't reside in New South Wales you can pretty much take note you will have few opportunities to support your state side in the live arena. However, Cricket Australia have tried to soften the blow by ensuring all games can be viewed via free-to-air TV (Gem) and the competition will be done in one month. This will ensure the Sheffield Shield starts a bit later and cuts into Ashes preps for our potential squad.

Anyways, the concept it actually a decent one that the Ryobi Cup is played over an unbroken schedule, giving sides the ultimate chance to build momentum and confidence as a collective unit. I don't like the idea at all that all games get played in New South Wales. I have my Ashes ticket for day 1 of the Adelaide Oval Test though, so I am stoked about that.

New South Wales thumped Tasmania in the opening game. Oddly enough though this thumping came in a seriously low scoring encounter. You can read about it at The Baggy Green Blog Facebook page. In a nutshell, Steven Smith showcased further signs of admirable improvement in his development as a batsman, while Ed Cowan's running between the wickets came under the close examination by his former batting mate, David Warner during discussions with the commentary team via an on-field mic. Warner was on the money with his observations and finally caught Ed at gully. Nathan Lyon also made his debut for The Blues.

Excuse the lack of posts post-Ashes. As previously mentioned, I will only be doing what I guess is best referred to as opinionated pieces or feature articles. I feel after running the site for five years, I get more spam comments (why these sad people bother to do this really disturbs me) than genuine feedback and too few out there probably have an interest in my opinion as it is, so cut out the ego.

It seems Twitter and Facebook is the best place to share ones knowledge, passion and interest in their team and this great game, so for all I know The Baggy Green Blog will probably just die a slow death until something better comes about. Perhaps I need to become a comedian or something to re-animate it all.

Long live The Baggy Greens, long live our great game.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ian.

I really like the idea of the one day cup being played at once, it's an idea I wish we'd take on.

As for the blog, I always find it an excellent read and being an English fan it gives a good insight into Australian cricket and also some perspective.

I hope you continue, I don't often comment because I mostly agree with every word so there's no need.

If you do wind it down though it's understandable and I hope to see you still on Twitter and FB


Neil (@njhag . @njhcricket)

Ian said...

Thanks Neil. For the last few years I've really enjoyed chatting to you and your enthusiasm on the game and ability for us to have good chats about both our sides is rare to come by.

I probably will keep the site going, I always get pulled back in but just been hard to get guys on board to help me drive it.

Seems funny content flies better or random stuff. I know many guys who read the articles and don't always chip in cause they just don't have much too add, which I totally get. I am like that with many sites too.

Just been at it a long time and never done it for money, or the notoriety but it gets to a point where it feels like I am writing to myself. Guess the landscape has just changed a bit. Needed a bigger break I guess.

Anyways, I am always on Facebook and Twitter so no worries.