03 April 2013

Cricket Australia releases the 2013-2014 contract list

Cricket Australia officially released the national contracts list for 2013/14. For previous lists, click here.

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For the first time in a long time the Hussey surname hasn't appeared. Also strange not seeing Ricky Ponting's name appear on the list. Kind of sad at the same time, but we move on.

Last years list was definitely had more of a Test cricket approach keeping in line with the Argus Review recommendations, while this season seems to be far more spread across all three forms of the game with the contracts awarded. The list also has 20 players, not 17. It used to be 25, so anything below that is better.

As per The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), agreed upon last year between Cricket Australia and the ACA (Australian Cricketer's Association), 17 to 20 players can be chosen by the NSP. No more, no less.

A big criticism, which also results in confusion over these lists, is that so many players get contracts but hardly ever feature in matches for Australia. This is why the list was reduced. The concept is that it rewards players who have performed for Australia in one format, or across all formats. It does also reward players with promise in a specific format. History shows this doesn't always materialise, so some players just need to cash in on the marketing gimmicks that come with the income.

Jackson Bird, Usman Khawaja and Steven Smith were the notable candidates to not get a contract, while George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, aka "The Big Show", and James Faulkner make their way onto the list.

As I have said every year when this list gets announced, "Just because a player is granted a contract via Cricket Australia, it does not guarantee them a place in the Squad within any format, nor do they get a selection preference. This list also covers all formats."

Therefore Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, George Bailey, Clint McKay and Aaron Finch will be based upon ODI and T20 cricket, whereas Ben Hilfenhaus and Peter Siddle will be regarding Test cricket.
Two wicket-keepers have been chosen as well. Once again it is Matt Wade and Brad Haddin.

Last years list regarding State representatives were as follows:

NSW: 6, VIC: 4, TAS: 3, WA: 2, SA: 1, QLD: 1

This year Tasmania is on the rise;

NSW: 6, TAS: 5, VIC: 5, SA: 2, QLD: 1, WA: 1

George BaileyTAS30
Michael ClarkeNSW32
Ed CowanTAS30
Patrick CumminsNSW19
Xavier DohertyTAS30
James FaulknerTAS22
Brad HaddinNSW35
Ryan HarrisQLD33
Ben HilfenhausTAS30
Phillip HughesSA24
Mitchell JohnsonWA31
Nathan LyonSA25
Glenn MaxwellVIC24
Clint McKayVIC30
James PattinsonVIC22
Peter SiddleVIC28
Mitchell StarcNSW23
Matthew WadeVIC25
David WarnerNSW26
Shane WatsonNSW31

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Anonymous said...

What I find interesting about the list is how few players there are between 25-30. Which is a true reflection of the state of the talent at present in domestic cricket in Aus.

Ian said...

Hi Lou,

Valid point on the age factor. I have been so focused on us trying to balance out whatever experience still exists for the Ashes, that I overlooked the basic factor of emerging players.

If it were a list of players purely on the basis on Test cricket being priority, as it was last season, then I'd say 25-30 makes complete sense.

However, this list verges more in line with balanced formats so it isn't an ideal sign of strong young cricketers.

Think our batting is 2-3 years away from booming again, so I'm all for finding experience.

You read my Ashes squad article?