24 December 2012

Boxing Day Test announcement

As per the Baggy Green Blog Facebook page:

Jackson Bird will become Baggy Green #431 as he is set to debut at the MCG for the Boxing Day Test match. 

Very excited to see him receive his cap and make an impact for us. 

Mitchell Starc will be rested as a result of the rotation policy.

See the Voting Poll up top right to express your view on the rotation policy.

The rotation policy, do you agree with this policy of player rotation to "prevent injury"?
1: Yes: Avoids excessive workload, reduces injury, creates opportunity
2: No: Unnecessary, not beneficial, injuries still unavoidable
3: Undecided: See the benefits but not a big solution to injury avoidance

Michael Clarke will be cleared on the morning of the match to see if he is ready to go out there and lead us in the Boxing Day Test.

According to Dean Jones, who has been mentoring the batsmen at the MCG nets, Clarkey
is looking good at the moment and chances seem to be good that he will play.
The probable squad for the 2nd Test:

David Warner,
Ed Cowan,
Phillip Hughes,
Shane Watson,
Michael Clarke,
Michael Hussey,
Matthew Wade, 
Mitchell Johnson,
Peter Siddle,
Nathan Lyon,
Jackson Bird (debutant).

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Daryl said...

The fast bowling looks light in my opinion - unreliable Johnson and debutant Bird. Siddle needs more support. I agree with rotation policy when you have a full stable of top level bowlers to play with. Starc should be in instead of Johnson IMHO.

Ian said...

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for the comment, saw your twitter message as well.

I actually don't vote on polls here but this time I did and stated "Yes".

However, I believe there needs to be consistent structure for the basis of rotation.

Starc is in form, looks good and although he is still developing (not as the fully developed stage of a fast bowler) he should be given a go for the Boxing Day Test (a big deal for bowlers) and he is eager.

It was clear he's disappointed to have missed out but Jackson deserves his chance.

Rest him for the 3rd Test should victory come off but I have always been one for play your best side.

We love the Ashes, live for the Ashes but there is more than that, especially if we want the number 1 rank.

It's a tough issue simply because we've had so many bowlers fall over with injury.

Would love for a study to be made regarding the Windies fast bowlers of their prime and how they stayed fit.

Daryl said...

Great to be proved wrong by Johnson - he is a force to be reckoned with when he's tail is up. Batted very well too and unlucky to miss out on a hundred.

As we've said, rotation policy is a good idea when it makes sense to make a change. Hopefully changes aren't being made just to justify the policy, but it was good to see it worked on this occasion. I have more faith in how the selection panel are utilising the policy after today's win - and am willing to trust them going forward.

Only other point from me would be - if the rotation policy's aim is to keep our bowling stocks fit and match ready, why are we seeing so many injuries?!

Ian said...

Hi Daryl,

Mitch is a quality player but when he is off colour the gap between his best and worst is far too great. The harsh nature of Test cricket doesn't allow for this and we therefore see him either play like one of the best in business or a guy who'd struggle even at First class level.

Fortunately the time away has been good and I have been impressed since his return. Confidence is a key for Mitchy.

Agreed mate.
Current NSP has done a far greater job than the Hilditch panel.

No doubt about that and while the rotation policy has a few negatives (it didn't prevent injury to Watto or Hilfy, so where is the science there?) it will provide opportunity to players and create a lovely mix of bowlers who will be able to come in when required and the knowledge and experience will be there.

We have finally developed bowling depth with a good blend of age and experience.
It has taken 6 years but we're nearly there.

The batting is hitting the point of change.

" if the rotation policy's aim is to keep our bowling stocks fit and match ready, why are we seeing so many injuries?"

My exact question too mate, my exact question.