13 July 2012

Brett Lee retires from Australian cricket

Usually I would find myself tied up in a whirl wind of words and emotion when writing about the retirement of one of our cricketers. In this case, I find myself humbled by the support the fanatics have shown Brett Lee upon the announcement of his retirement, ending a 13 year career at the elite level.

A competitive bloke, a ferocious bowler and one of the greatest bowlers from one of the greatest teams in the history of this great game.

With all the injuries, personal setbacks off the field and general difficulty being a fast bowler fighting for longevity, the fact Binga has stayed in the game this long was splendid. A testament to determination and self-belief.

Brydon Coverdale summed it up really well in his article recalling some of the greatest moments in Brett Lee's career. There's a few I could add to the list but I think Brydon got it right.

I know two of the followers of the Baggy Green Blog, Baiju and Kritika, will be upset with the news of Binga's retirement as they were massive supporters of his career.

Here's the brief write up I wrote at the Baggy Green Blog's Facebook page.


Thank you Brett Lee.

The time was right and all I can say is thank you for 13 years of blitz entertainment. One of the last blokes of the greatest cricket team of all time.

I remember seeing Binga bowling live for the first time in the
ODI side, which included a fresh faced Andrew Symonds, when I was just 14 years old. His raw pace freaked me out watching from the crowd position of third man and my word was it captivating!

Having met him twice as well all I can say is what a top bloke and I hope he gets all the time in the world now to catch up with his family and jam his bass guitar with his band.

Another legend of the Baggy Greens walks away into the sunset.


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Sylvester said...

Cheers for the memories Lee, a great man and a great team player. Always nice to see a player knowing when it is time to go.

Anonymous said...

What a man Binga was, everyone loves him! Check the other blogs out, almost everyone has written an article or something about Lee! Gonna miss him, but look forward to seeing him in the IPL!

Anonymous said...

ya mate definitely sad news..but had to happen..but nevertheless as you said a fierce competitor and such a lovely human being...and it was amazing to see him bowling in the 150s even at 35..that shows some commitment...it was a privilege to see his debut and follow his career right through...thanks for the memories Binga and all the best wishes for your future endeavors


Joshua said...

We will surely miss Binga the warrior...hats off to you Binga!!!

Ian said...

Well said guys! Very sad to lose such a great ambassador for Australian cricket but the memories remain epic!