29 March 2018

It will be okay

This is something I wrote on the Baggy Green Blog facebook page. Despite what has happened I hope Steve Smith and Cam Bancroft will find their way through this and we can all find forgiveness. Even though we still haven't heard the truth, their emotions and guilt have been shared as they plead for forgiveness. Long live cricket, long live the pride of the Baggy Greens.

"What happened over the last few days has been both surreal and devastating. Admittedly I had a complicated mix of anger and total confusion as to why the three players did what they did. I cannot comprehend it, even now it still baffles me. I was asked if I'd write about it but frankly far more qualified individuals have expressed it both eloquently and factually.
However, watching Steve Smith and Cam Bancroft speak before the media tonight was so hard to watch. It reminded me of the emotions I had when Hansie Cronje gave his Nothing But The Truth speech. The two of them faced the music tonight, did so after the incident happened, owed up to what they did, and handled themselves as best as one could in that scenario.
As a Baggy Green loyalist and what my writing stood for a quick letter is fair.
They have a hard road ahead and in time Australian cricket supporters will find forgiveness within. The game must go on though and challenges are ahead in many complex ways. To see young men reach breaking point over a very bad decision executed with little thought and emotional maturity to consider the repercussions is nightmarish.
I struggle with the media intensity, anger and choice of wording individuals use on social media platforms to vent their mixed emotions towards these men. It is disgusting what I've read (disgusting is a tame word) and just the media drive is sensationalism on steroids. I'd like to see this kind of attention and public pitchfork herding aimed at Politicians who misuse tax payers funds, or more extremely people who violently abuse children, take innocent peoples lives in violent, vile ways - reality is we are all dealing with issues extreme and mild. You're an easy target in a high profile setting though, especially when representing one of the greatest sporting teams in history. There's relevance to the outcry.
I raise that last paragraph to really put all of this in context and to really emphasise there's far greater issues out there. We love our sport here, the Baggy Green is iconic and symbolic for many of us. When I ran the Baggy Green site it was inspired by that cap and the history. We feel cheated, as that is what happened. The anger is justified, I really feel it, but I hope the manner in which you vent that anger is one you could deliver on your own two feet. I hope the forgiveness comes through for these two men as to how they've gone about addressing their serious mistake in their capacity as professional cricketers.
There is a third party in all of this.
David Warner. I have uneasy feelings where I stand until clarity is presented but I feel conflicted given how two of the three have consistently handled this and reached out for forgiveness, whereas one has not.
Cricket will push through, the pride will be restored but with a new shape and ethos that will take time. It will take time.


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