12 January 2011

England clinch a close T20 game

It was a good game to start off the limited overs fixtures.
England clinched what was, in all fairness, a very exciting game. I don't think our blokes were too bad. They were just a few runs short. State teams usually move on past 160 at the Adelaide Oval, so perhaps 15 runs short of what would have been match-winning or a bit above competitive. Wasn't too be and England take the first Twenty20, adding to their momentum from the Ashes.
Still another game to come and still a stack of ODIs to follow, so don't get too disheartened Green & Gold supporters.

BATTING: 4/157 in 20 overs.
Shane Watson continued his half-century then the lights go out routine. He was mighty aggressive during his knock of 59. Powerful composure in his shot selection, quick execution of his shot of choice and of course, clean, monstrous hitting against the English bowlers, particularly that three in a row onslaught against Graham Swann. 6,6,6 and another four in there too. Ideal to see it.
It's Twenty20 cricket so I wouldn't say Watto lost his concentration or anything like we would say regarding his performances at the elite level come Test cricket, but he was outdone playing his natural game, which is to attack.

David Warner doesn't produce the innings anymore of expectation but he supported Watto well in his stay of 30 runs, with a fair bit of lateral thinking rather than just going for broke. Another 20 would have been useful.
Otherwise there was just a quick hit out from David Hussey but again, the batting wasn't all that bad by any means. We were just a bit below par and needed a bit more on the board.
Our bowlers weren't exactly inexpensive as well so it probably proves the point that the batting was just a bit behind, kind of like our Test cricket eh?
It's a sin to compare the formats but I guess the principle applies.

BOWLING: England 9/158 from 20 overs
It was good to see Binga back in action but he was mighty expensive. I am actually just looking forward to seeing him in the ODIs, so I'd rather see Pattinson have a go over Binga for the time being.
Shaun Tait was unlucky. He had some drop catches off his bowling and wasn't too shabby. Had those catches been taken (Mike Young, what the hell man?) the game would have undoubtedly taken a different course, definitely for the better. So Taito lucked out and those drop catches blemished his what could have been bowling figures.
Himself and Binga went at 10 an over.
Mitchell had been very tidy in his spell and picked up a wicket in his first over. His last over leaked some crucial runs, executed by a tactical Irishman who impressed me back in 2007 through pure talent scouting at the World Cup with just his batting technique. Eoin Morgan has done quite well against us and he was certainly aggressive but he was quite graceful in that over against Mitch.
England's steal for a Bevan/Hussey type.

Shane Watson had a great game on a personal note and bowling at the death he didn't have alot in his favour but his bowling figures will give enough indication that he Twenty20 bowling was at the ultimate peak for a bowler in this format.
4-15 from his 4 overs. Outstanding bowling figures from our all-rounder! Nice one Watto mate.
All the bowlers chipped in with a wicket, but with 1 wicket in hand England scraped over the finish line courtesy of their debutant Woakes.
9 wickets in comparison to England's four. Definitely the batting was a bit short.

Not all doom and gloom, don't get all low about this loss. Yeah, it bites seeing another loss on the record books but Cam White is the right guy for the job and the team just fell short. It was a good match to start to series and our guys will fight back.
It also would have been nice for a win to perhaps give the people who have been affected by the disastrous floods up in Queensland something to smile about.
As soon as Cricket Australia post more information at Cricket Cares, we will be sure to have relevant links here at the blog.

Our thoughts to all those affected or who have lost loved ones. Truly devastating. Unity will bring everyone through this as best as possible.

www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate Here's something in the meantime as tweeted to me by one of my followers on Twitter. If you can, please do what you can.

Brilliant composure, typical Watto. But check the bat handle! Even more so, better composure to still have the broken bat in hand.

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Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

About time you put this out, was waiting for it to refer to it in my blog!!! :P

The opinions on this match differ A LOT; while you see it through the pink glasses and I tend to agree to some extent that it is going upward, Ian O'Brien writes on his blog that Eng were entirely dominant again and just messed around too much with silly shit

However, what pisses me off is that the last wicket wasn't taken. This foot stomp would have silenced them all. Dreck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. I don't know that I'd call that a 'quick hit out' from Dussey.

More like one of Clarke's stronger efforts when you are pleased when he finally gets the runs one or two more than the balls faced... just before he gets out.

I thought England had it in the bag and nearly threw it away. Just glad it was close.


Ian said...

Hey Wes

Thanks for the link at the blogsite. I don't get too analytical for these games.

I don't think for one second England were entirely dominant. We took the first session of the game (Watto & Watto) and they pulled it back in overs 10-15.
We could have had them on the back foot but we dropped chances. Eoin Morgan was their elegance to save them while the new bloke was really focused to just get them home. We dominated the last few overs.

This England dominance is a joke. They're just playing some fantastic cricket. If they can do this for 5 years, then maybe even a decade and maintain a number 1 ranking for a period of time, I may buy into them being tipped as this world beating unit.

Bottom line is our guys need to be moving past par scores, which I expect in game 2.