01 September 2009


Well the two Twenty20's didn't amount to more than 21.1 overs of decent action, with the rain becoming the destructive natural force on the occasion.
So not much for us to discuss, but upon further evaluation of my one reader, Sid, and a comment he made that God is an Englishman, I have to say that the Cricket Gods panel must indeed be Englishmen at present!

So a very disappointing result for the games to not see a worthy conclusion, but the boys can take some heart from their first performance, while England will be very quickly regrouping to get into the 50 over game mindset, with the Ashes now the lesser talking point.
So the Twenty20 specialists end an unsatisfying stay and will now head their own respective ways while the ODI team look to rectify the damages caused by the very confident Proteas last summer, who will be aiming hard to get their camp ready in hosting the ICC Champions Trophy.

There's alot to play for in this current ODI series, from healing some wounds of the Ashes, to proving ODI credibility and also preparing the squad for the Champions Trophy which may have lost its hype, but any major ICC tournament should be taken with serious determination to come out on top!
So Friday the next clash begins! Click here for the Squad Spotter article to fill yourself in for the Green and Gold players.
News is that The NSP also confirmed that Adam Voges has been included in the squad.
I was a bit upset David Hussey wasn't initially included, but Voges is also experienced in English conditions and will be apart of the Champions Trophy team, so his inclusion in Brad Haddin's absence is a smart move.
The NSP got it right there!


jawad said...

Well another dull and rainy day in England. It must suck to show up at a game and there is no play. You invest so much money and time and you get nothing out of it. It was already so annoying watching and listening to these part time "commentators" circling around about why this one patch was wet?? there seems to be questions being asked but no answers as always. I'm hoping the douchebags at ICC would do something about games being washed up and planning ahead...oh wait a second, they won't!

Well I haven't been an NSP fan for a while. David Hussey needs to be consistent. His avg in the ODIs and T20 are quite poor. The guy is not getting any younger so i'm hoping he picks up quickly. It boggles my mind that there are no young players being injected into the team. I'm hoping Voges comes good too. i'm looking forward to the ODIs.

jawad said...

By the way, my attention is on US OPEN tennis now. any picks Ian?

I'm watching sportscenter at the moment and this dude who is hosting the show has way too much lipstick on. Yeah, I know! He is hosting "SPORTSCENTRE" like that!

Ian said...

Hi mate.
I just read an article that just goes on and on about how the conditions were unfit for play etc.
I think Old Trafford were given these games as a sympathy vote after they didn't get a Test match in the Ashes. The weather there isn't great this time of year (further North I guess) and I imagine it would be the ground staff to take the flack for this one?

Yeah it's ot pleasant for the crowd at all, especially those who were going to see their first International game etc. but we will all experience a rained out or rain delayed game in our time.

Dussey needs consistency, but Twenty20 you can given a bit of breathing space for a low score. The youngsters are coming through, just not getting all the chances yet.

The US open, haven't been watching it but Murray does stand out, purely on the growing stature he is developing.You can not write off Djokovic too, but it seems a lower profiled tournament of players this year.

Sidthegnomenator said...

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the ground was really fit or not. LCCC people say it was fine and the umpires over reacted. Or was it the players and captains who said no? I've lost track now, to be honest.

Bumble is fuming and wants to be involved in the "inquisition" over it(hehehe). It does reflect badly on the LCCC and on Old Trafford, doesn't it?

Oh well, as you said, our players can take heart from their performance in the small amount that was played in the first match and bring on the ODIs!

jawad said...

Sid, from what i heard from the bullshit commentating yesterday that it was the umpires who called it off but i'm sure the captains had their concern and say into the matter as well. I assume with 7 odis coming up, i doubt anyone would want to get injured, which is fair enough.

Ian, the ICC nominations are up.

Sidthegnomenator said...

oh yeah, the nominations - Mitchell Johnson is nominated.

Jawad and Ian, do you think you could have a look at my blog and tell me if the colour is too bright and if you can read everything ok? I can't decide ... cheers


Ian said...

Yeah, we don't look to hopeful on the nominations but worth taking recognition for the boys!

Sid, I can read it fine, although my browser keeps cutting my viewing, so will take a better look at it asap. I found the black font is fine.

In honesty it is over and done. The game was rained off, it was unfortunate (especially for the supporters going to the game) but it happens. Especially in England!