29 September 2009


The unwanted just keeps on occuring for the Squad in crucial situations.
I just found out that Michael Clarke will be returning back to Australia following a lower back injury with the pain so intense he has not participated in any of our practices.
While Pup's strike rates have been a concern in the One Day game, he has been very consistent with his run-scoring, regularly making strong contributions as well as leading positively as a senior squad member in England.
So no point in Pup hanging around but this is another big loss to our squad.
However the guys have done a good enough job without our Vice-Skipper.
Yesterdays performance against India was very encouraging even without Pup and a major relief given that we all know he is out of any further progression of the tournament.

The NSP are just awaiting the go ahead from the ICC as to whether a replacement may be sent over. I don't quite see the need for a replacement with Adam Voges already there, who is a flexible enough batsman in the order but if they (the NSP) were to call up someone with the permission of the ICC I'd imagine it to be David Hussey as first pick or by some massive surprise Brad Hodge.

Weather reports don't suggest any fantastic forecasts for remainder of the Champions Trophy so it is looking rather gloomy on the weather front.
So now we have another wait and see on this aspect but hopefully any rainfall present is just a minor shower.


Sidthegnomenator said...

Absolutely, Adam Voges would be a good choice. I was under the impression that Clarke was just a bit sore, but you and another blogger have disabused me of that notion real quick.

Why do they need to call someone else up - they have White, Ferguson, Hussey, Hopes is pretty spry with a bat as well and Voges? Seems fine to me, but I guess it can't hurt to have yet another option for us all to bitch about if Australia don't make it to the final. :-)

Marc said...

I'm surprised David Hussey isn't there - I like him for the business end of a tournament like the Champions Trophy - I think he the right kind of player to have in the squad.

Ian said...

Marc...you are back. Hope you didn't slip into the foetal position mate.
Yeah too true about Dussey, not to mention the champ scored his first century before being out of the ODI team. Sure it was Scotland, but any century in the colours is a century worth awareness from the selectors. But he isn't there yet and Adam Voges is certainly the right guy to step in there, and he will be so eager to get an opportunity. One of the few WA players to keep in the mix as of recent. Hussey, North............

Sid...that was quite funny if I say so myself, one more reason to bitch about. I think the injuries of Pup and Bracks is enough. But don't worry my mate we'll be stepping up the intensity for the Pakistan bash!
BTW tried to access your blog (the main one) but my browser is giving me an error. Got some time now so will take a better look this time ;)

Jawad...what's your view on this? Sylvester I know you have some Military statement to make for the boys to step up!

Jawad said...

Hey Ian,

I hope you are doing well buddy. You must be getting ready for summer? We, on the other hand, are getting ready for winter :''(

I have to agree with Marc, David Hussey might be a better choice to replace Pup. He recently made a hundred and might carry that form here as well. He is a good hitter of the ball as well and generally does well in big tournaments. Then again, I am not sure what NSP must be thinking. They are a conservative bunch. They just might stick with Voges, who we haven't seen or heard of much for a while now. I guess the question is, is he good enough to replace Pup? I think D Huss is better suited for ODI cricket and he can whack a few.

Australia will have to play smart here because i feel the pitches have been unpredictable and they will play a big part in this tournament. They should pick a side according to the pitch. This is how I look at Australia's chances in this tournament. They would either EASILY reach the finals or would even struggle to reach the semis. The reason for it is that the teams that have advanced to the semis have an inconsistent record, they are all unpredictable. Pakistan, NZ and England? these teams would either loose terribly or might come up with a big win. So Australia should keep a look out for them because you just never know what they will do.

Australia is a good team and they have some good players in the side. So far, I feel like they have not set foot in the South African grounds. The first game was forgettable and the second got washed out. So i'm not quite sure where they are at. Australia has a chance to dominate Pakistan tomorrow because Pak has a record of complacency and they might be resting their experienced players. Just pick a team according to the pitch. It has done wonders so far.

I know you guys would like to see Australia go through to the finals but I would rather see a Pak/Ind final. So far they are the only ones drawing a crowd in. The noise and the atmosphere is usually quite electric when these two teams play. It would definitely be better cricket then what we will get to see if the other teams show up for a final.

Sylvester said...

Dussey would be the logical replacement, the only other one I can see being called up is Warner.

Voges is definitely a more than capable replacement and can add the hitting power if needed as he showed with his 60 ball 100.

Hopefully its not one of those pitches which is won by the toss. Outside of that we need to be at our best as Pakistan have the best spin combo atm and I hope we see some Watson magic, I've been waiting 9 ODIs for him to repeat what he did against Scotland.

Ian said...

Jawad! I have seen that you are a Dussey fan now through and through! Haha! Some really good points there, but with the NSP and the state of the contest a replacement isn't all that much of a worry. Luckily for the bowlers Bollinger is there too with Hilfy if all else fails.

Well let's hope the pitch holds out and isn't like that beast at the Wanderers the Black Caps and England "John save our gracious Queen" had to contest on.
Bowling first, I am happy about this. Now to watch with total focus. Aussie, aussie, aussie...

As for the toss Sylvester, we've won it, but the toss has been a key element in this tournament so far. I have been surprised by these pitches.