24 September 2009


Another injury blow to the squad. This time it is Nathan Bracken.
There has been an on-going knee injury occurence for Bracks, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that it has struck just a few days before the teams first game against the Windies, as this is a frequent pattern of bad luck.
Wicket-keepers, batsmen, pace-bowlers and now our medium-pace swing weapon is out of the scene. What a pity!
Bracks didn't have any special performances in the ODI series against England, but he certainly had better control of his bowling, which is what has set him so high in the ranks. But he would have been a big part of the bowling plans, so a set-back once again.

This certainly puts Nathan Hauritz in the starting XI, rightly so, but it would seem Peter Siddle would be first choice over Ben Hilfenhaus as a pace option, purely on the fact that Hilfy's "no-ball" issues could cause a problem with Brett Lee almost expected to give away two or three free-hits.
Although with Bracks out, Hilfy could provide the similar type of dynamic but hopefully he will sort out the fundamental errors.
Who to send over though is the question?
Well cricinfo stated that Doug Bollinger, Stuart Clark or Brett Geeves will be the replacement. I wonder whether the NSP will bother flying over a replacement in the first place, but if they were I'd have to say Doug Bollinger.
The left-arm seam will be useful and I'd be confident seeing him take the new ball with Brett Lee. Then again if they fly him over - or another bowler - would he be match ready for Saturday? Unlikely, and what if the bowling attack against the Windies can deliver the goods against the likes of Pakistan or India?
All in all the injury just came at a terrible time.

Judging by their performance against Pakistan, the Windies shouldn't cause us too many hassles, although I immediatly think of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe when it comes to looking at the 'weaker' teams in big-event contests and come Saturday I hope the boys are well alert and prepared to battle hard, no matter if it's a Windies B or C team.
They should be hungry to fight for victory and why wouldn't they?
It's a squad with a whole stack of guys playing in their first major 50-over tournament with the motivation already there to defend the title of the event.
And as always there is always someone waiting to claim their moment! After all, the legends involved in the last Champions Trophy are now in the next chapter of their lives, so the void is there for plenty of these guys to start a fresh chapter of their own!


Jawad said...

With Bracken or without. Peronally, I don't think WI will be a problem. Their batting is a mess but they seem to have decent fast bowlers.

Bracken's knee injury has been there for a while now and if he goes under the knife, that just might put question marks on his career.

I say bring in Bollinger.

Sidthegnomenator said...

I Like Hilfy, but he was awful against England in that last ODI. Definitely Siddle over Hilfy, I think, especially with Lee and his rampant overstepping - we don't need to be giving so many away!

I can't imagine W.I. being a problem, but India and Pakistan are bound to be a bit tougher.

Ian said...

Hilfy is awesome, but a future legend of the Baggy Green in my eyes. There are stronger contenders in One Day cricket, not harsh just fact when you look around.
And yeah Sid, India and Pakistan will be very tough to beat. India without Yuvraj helps out cause because he has the knack at getting our backs up.

Interesting about Bracks how another Op could put his career on the line...especially with a bloke like Bollinger edging to get some more overs and wickets under the belt.

We wait and see now

Jawad said...

surprise surprise. Brackens out, Bollingers in. Pontings worried about Bracken's future.

same sh#t different day.

England just lost collingwood. The dude was playing well. Lets hope Englands gets over the mark and opens up this tournament a bit.