13 August 2009



For a bit of a laugh! I'm an avid listener of the Stereophonics, and after watching a DVD or two of their music and then some of the Ashes, I can't help but laugh when I see James Anderson and how much he looks like Kelly Jones, lead vocalist/guitarist of the Stereophonics.
One thing is that Jones is Welsh, giving him better credibility.
Also on a musical Welsh note Katherine Jenkins is Welsh (she sang at the Opening Day of The Ashes in Cardiff), and with little doubt in my mind she is the sexiest classical vocalist out there. On another note Stuart Broad....is Tin Tin?


Christopher Poshin David said...

Wow....Amazing resemblance mate... :D

Think you know alot about cricket??
Test your knowledge

jawad said...

ahaha good on there Ian. Speaking of TIN TIN, there is a Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg movie coming out based on the series. I don't know if you heard about it?

Ian said...

Hey Jawad.
It's pretty funny.

Tin Tin is a classic, when I was a kid I used to read the comics alot. There was an animated TV show but I only partially remember it. Pretty cool there's going to be a movie cause I always enjoyed it. Spielberg is up there with George Lucas, and Peter Jackson seems good at recreating things.
As for the Stereophonics, you should check 'em out mate. They are pretty impressive! James Anderson's resemblance to Jones is classic.

Will post my views on the warm-up game tomorrow. It's only a 2 day game so would rather wait and see how it progresses.
Watto is just continually getting it right, while Huss is yet again in the runs but I really hope he can find it in the 5th Test! He needs it!
Brett has just picked up 2 wickets, so he's looking similar to the form he had in the 1st game against the Lions.
Will watch this closely, but we batted well considering you need a day for batting then another for bowling in order to give everyone the best chance.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Oh yeah ... they do look alike. But I think Tintin might be too masculine to resemble Stuey, surely??